Yarun high insulation pot (new)

NameArticle NoSpecificationstexture of materialInternal configuration
Yarun high insulation pot (new)TG-YLGBW10Drum shaped high insulation1.0L201Blue drop plastic ingot logo, English color box (filled with advanced thermal insulation materials, efficient thermal insulation)
TG-YLGBW12Drum shaped high insulation1.2L201
TG-YLGBW16Drum shaped high insulation1.6L201
TG-YLGBW25Drum shaped high insulation2.5L201
TG-YLGBW32Drum shaped high insulation3.2L201
TG-YLGBW45Drum shaped high insulation4.5L201
TG-YLGBW55Drum shaped high insulation5.5L201
TG-YLGBW65Drum shaped high insulation6.5L201
TG-YLGBW80Drum shaped high insulation8L201
TG-YLGBW100Drum shaped high insulation10L201