The company adheres to the policy of "quality first, user first" and aims to provide customers with quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. We will do the following:

1. Warmly receive visiting customers, timely handle customer calls and letters, and timely feed back customers' opinions on product quality to relevant departments. Inform the customer of the handling opinions at the first time to ensure that the customer meets the reasonable requirements of the customer.

2. Organize personnel to regularly conduct market research and visit customers, collect information and needs reflected by customers, and provide basis for analyzing product quality and new product development to meet customer needs.

3. When required by customers, the company's technical department shall provide product certificates and inspection reports.

4. If the customer complains about the quality of our company's products, the company will implement "three guarantees" service to ensure the customer's trust in the company if it is verified that the quality problems are produced by our company.

5. After customers buy our products, they are damaged due to incorrect operation during use. If they ask for help from the company, we will try our best to help them solve the problem to ensure customer satisfaction.