Which layer is cooked first in the triple layer steamer? It takes several minutes to steam steamed buns in the triple layer steamer

2021-10-25  178

1、 Which layer of the third layer steamer is cooked first

The top of the three layer steamer is cooked first. When the water is heated to boiling, water vapor will vaporize and absorb the heat of the water. The water vapor at the bottom will expand when heated, and the volume will become larger and the density will become smaller, so it will move upward. When the water vapor reaches the upper part of the cage drawer, because it is far from the heat source, the hot water vapor will liquefy when it is cooled to form small droplets. This process gives off more heat than the heat of the water absorbed by the bottom layer, so the top layer ripens first.

2、 How many minutes does it take to steam steamed buns in a triple layer steamer

About 20 minutes. In life, steamed buns are usually steamed in steamers, which are heated evenly. Steamed buns of normal size only need about 10 minutes. Steamed buns in three-layer steamers have a large heating area, so the steaming time is longer, but it usually takes about 20 minutes. Steaming steamed stuffed buns does not need to take too long. Too long will easily lead to the aging of steamed stuffed buns, which will affect the taste of steamed stuffed buns and reduce their nutritional value.

3、 Steamed steamed stuffed buns in cold water or hot water

You can use cold water or hot water to steam steamed buns, but it is generally recommended to use cold water to steam steamed buns. As the cold water warms up slowly, the steamed buns will be evenly heated, and the steamed buns will be soft and delicious. Steaming with hot water will cause uneven softness and hardness of the buns, affecting the taste.

4、 Does the cover of steamed buns always jump to affect the buns

meeting. In general, steamed buns do not always jump. If the pot cover always jumps during steamed buns, it is likely that the small hole on the pot cover is blocked or the pot cover is impermeable. If the pot cover is impermeable, it is easy to cause water to accumulate in the pot, resulting in wet buns. Therefore, if the pot cover always jumps when making steamed buns, a small seam should be left on the pot cover immediately, Let the steam in the pot cover come out smoothly.